Merry Christmas 2012

I love this time of year… making gifts that (hopefully) keep on giving throughout the coming year.

As I have done in the past here (2011) and here (2010), I attempt to “make-over” a household item and give it to friends and family.

This year’s makeover is an Air Freshener/Deodorizer…

minus all the synthetic chemicals that can make us sick, but full of essential oil, Aromatherapy goodness!

merry christmas 2012

And as in years past… here is how you can make your own, all year round!


coffee filters

Coffee Filters (you can use recycled/brown for a greener project, but I had a huge pack of white that were being unused so I chose to up-cylce those!) (cost less than a penny each!)

Baking soda

Baking Soda (you can get a huge 13lb bag  from Amazon or Costco for around $20)

essential oils

Essential Oils ( I have used both NOW brand and recently have been trying out doTerra brand, NOW brand can be purchased from Amazon, doTerra needs to be purchased through a consultant)  You can use any fragrance but my favorite this time of year are- peppermint, cinnamon, orange, lemon and frankincense

chritmas fabric scraps

Scraps of Christmas Fabric cut into 1/2 inch wide strips by 8 inches long


Natural Air Freshner


Scoop 2-3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda into the center of the Coffee Filter, add a few drops of essential oils (2-3 drops) to the center of the baking soda pile. Gather up the sides of the filter and tie with a scrap of Christmas Fabric. Viola!  Place in closets, car, kitchen, bath, drawer, smelly shoes…etc.. any where you want to have a nice smell or that  needs to deodorized!


Merry Christmas 2012, from Babyfoodsteps!


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