VIDEO~10 Fingers 10 Toes 10 Facts about Newborn Screening You need to Know!

Today marks the last day of Newborn Screening Awareness Month 2012! We started the month with this post of the 10 Facts about Newborn Screening that every expecting and new parent should know… and we are ending this month on the same NOTE!

The past few weeks, Professor B, has helped me film and produce this video about Newborn Screening. I am so thankful for his help and his technical expertise (and for allowing mom to borrow the iPad he won last year!)

10 Fingers 10 Toes 10 Facts about Newborn Screening… YOU NEED TO KNOW!


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6 Responses to VIDEO~10 Fingers 10 Toes 10 Facts about Newborn Screening You need to Know!

  1. elizabethkbaker says:

    Very impressive Mom and Professor B! Great information!

  2. Christine says:

    Immunizations are so important! Thank you for sharing this great information!

    • Thanks for your comment @christine … this videao is actually not about immunizations but newborn screening that is done when a baby is first born. Nothing is injected into a baby for NEWBORN SCREENING, only a few drops of blood are taken from a baby’s heel, a hearing test is performed and in some states a little light called a pulse ox is put on the babys finger or toe (to pick up congenital heart defects).
      Can be confusing for new parents because so much goes on when a baby is first born… so I just wanted to clarify!

  3. baby facts says:

    Thanks for this awesome facts. Wow! Its really important to test your baby right after birth. I had a neighbor who has a 7 year old daughter, the girl was just fine on the last 6 years until recently she had seizure attacks. The doctor said it might have been prevented if she had undergone newborn screening. Its so sad, but she’s under medication now.

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