Mitochondriya’ll ~ Support for Mitochondrial Disease in Houston


Today we had our 3rd Mitochondriya’ll social in Houston. For me it is so comforting to walk into a room of people who GET IT… and speak our language.

I am so thankful to have found Mitoaction and so grateful for their continued support of this social. Also a BIG thank you goes out to the Memorial Hermann System of hospitals who have graciously hosted our group, all around town, this year.

Today, we ate some yummy pizza from California Pizza Kitchen…and 20% of our order went back to Mitoaction for the fundraiser CPK held for us for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week! A BIG THANK YOU  California Pizza Kitchen for your generosity… and for this COOL Mito Pizza you made us! If you look close you can see the green pepper mito ribbon!


Today was filled with fun! We celebrated a very special 2 year old’s Birthday! Had a mito-green inspired fashion show! Made lots of glittery, gluey, pom-pom filled crafts! Ate yummy pizza and cake! And best of all made some new friends and hung out with old friends, too.

I can’t think of a more perfect way to end Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week!


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One Response to Mitochondriya’ll ~ Support for Mitochondrial Disease in Houston

  1. Shirlene K Cerceo says:

    It’s wonderful to see more support and awareness for this disease. Lots of attention from the advocates working together is important.

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