Off to School We Go! Planet Box in tow!

Back to School time… 2012!

Wow.. where does the time go! If you have read this blog for a bit…you already know that we are HUGE fans of  the PLANET BOX lunchbox system (you can read my first post here). This is our 3rd school year to use the Planet Box lunch box, yes the SAME ONE we bought in Kindergarten! Here are a few more resources for PLANET BOX (and Bento box) lovers everywhere! 🙂

Last Year’s First Day of School Planet Box Lunch

What we pack in our Planet Box

Big Boy B was a bit board the last few days before school started so I asked him if he would put together a “menu” for his planet box (so mommy could plan a bit better and not have to strain her brain to come up with a new lunch menu at ‘o dark thirty in the morning!) Here is what he came up with, love the color coding (wonder who he gets that from!)

We also found this handy dandy grocery shopping “idea” list for the planet box on their site-  Planet Box Shopping List

How we carry our Planet Box:

An iPad is the same dimensions height and width as the Planet Box

iPad and Planet Box comparison… thus any case that fits and ipad should fit the planet box as long as it is expandable for width!

Washable Neoprene Bag (this is the one we prefer  because it has a HANDLE)

I also found a few at Ross Dress for less that fit it too…by Targus like this one.

* note: the first planet box we ordered we had the planet box case which was super cool and fit it very well…but unfortunately it is not machine washable…and with the way we dirty stuff up around here…a washable option was a MUST for us! So we used the planet Box case for kindergarten and found this washable one for 1st grade. The stainless steel Planet box is on year 3 and no worse for the wear!! LOVE THAT!

Some of our favorite Planet Box “Accessories”:

Egg Shapers

Bento Picks

Veggie cutters

Sandwich De- Crusters and cutters

Letter Cutters

Shape cutters

Happy First Day of School! Have a Great Year!

First day of 2nd Grade- 2012 Planet Box Lunch

What’s in your Lunch Box? 😉

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7 Responses to Off to School We Go! Planet Box in tow!

  1. Tara says:

    I love it (and needed some inspiration)! The girls have also really liked their PlanetBoxes…. Maybe you should get a kickback for being such a good spokesmom? Have you tried making your own fruit roll ups? I am wondering if it would be worth the effort or not.

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  3. Shannon S says:

    How do you keep cold?

  4. Christine says:

    I’m getting a PlanetBox for my daughter, about to enter first grade. I’m curious looking at your menus though — grilled cheese, pizzas, chicken nuggets… Does the food stay warm for a while, or are your kids willing to eat this stuff cold?? I need all the meal suggestions I can get, but I know there’s no possible way my girl’s going to eat a cold chicken nugget. But my gosh, if there’s a way to keep food warm in this thing, my life just go soooo much easier!

    • the planet box will keep the food the temperature of the hot or cold pack you put inside… my kids like it cold so we put in an ice pack.. but you could easily add a warm pack (I have seen them for casserole warmers– you microwave it and then insert into lunch pack)- since the planet box is metal- it conducts temperature nicely and can get really cold or hot!! 🙂

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