MITOXIC-Why Acetaminophen may not be good for any of us, especially mitochondrial disease patients


What is the one medication you have been told has been safe to take when pregnant or to give to young children, even month old infants?

Acetaminophen ( also known by the brand name Tylenol in the USA and paracetamol in Europe).

I, (along with many of my friends) once HAD no doubt that this medication was ok for anyone, even our children.
For me… that was until I was told my daughter was suspected to have a metabolic disorder called mitochondrial disease, in which acetaminophen is discouraged for use in mito patients, because, you guessed it, it is mitochondrial toxic!  Now my question was – is it toxic to everyone’s mitochondria or only those with mitochondrial disease?To read more about the Mitoxic impact of Acetaminophen, join us over at for more information.

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34 Responses to MITOXIC-Why Acetaminophen may not be good for any of us, especially mitochondrial disease patients

  1. Diane says:

    Terrific! If I hadn’t already thrown out all the tylenol, your article would have sent me running to throw away the stuff.

  2. Jenna says:

    We don’t use tylenol in our house, it never worked for Matthew anyways.

  3. lysana says:

    I’m sorry, but your citing vaccines immediately tells me you’re touting junk science. Please quit lying about the causes of autism, especially when it’s clear there is a genetic component and experts can diagnose it long before the age the MMR vaccine is given. Furthermore, the first person to claim vaccines cause autism was motivated by making money by becoming part of “Big Pharma.” Nobody has proved his lies since. You are not doing anyone any favors.

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      If you read the entire article you will see I am not citing vaccines as the cause but rather the acetaminophen given before and after vaccines as a possible trigger in those who may already be genetically predisposed (as is the case in many with mitochondrial disease and autism) to have lower levels of glutithione than others in our population. Thank you for your comments, but I do hope you will read the entire article as well as the linked information to published scientific research.

      • =^..^= says:

        You can tell she saw the word vaccines and immediately stopped reading. Love these open-minded people who claim to have done their research. I throw the BS flag on it. I was once a soldier in that camp. Then I really DID read the science.

    • Diane says:

      Genetics have only been found to be responsible in a very small population of patients with Autism
      Recently, there was some information indicating Maternal Obesity is contributing.

      I think the only thing this author did in sharing this information is point out that it is possible that Tylenol could be a contributing factor as well. There have have been multiple studies done on Tylenol that PROVE it can metabolically reduce certain levels in our bodies. Current research in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine has found connections both to problems metabolizing Tylenol and the connection between Autism and Mitochondrial dysfunction(which has been proven to be triggered by vaccines -according to the CDC).

      Odds are, I won’t get into a car accident today, so why wear a seatbelt? Because there is enough evidence that proves wearing a seatbelt mitigates the amount of harm I would suffer in a car accident.

      If removing Tylenol, reduces the risk of Autism or makes taking a vaccine potentially safer- it something that we need to be aware of as consumers.

      A very easy and simple way for a parent to potentially reduce the odds of their child developing Autism.

  4. Mariya says:

    I’m sold….but what DO you do for a high fever then, especially in young (less than 6 months old) children? My older son had a febrile seizure last spring so I’m slighly paranoid about fevers too.

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      In Dr. Shaw’s webinar it was highly encouraged that you use tepid baths and cool rags first to try to lower temp. My daughter had a fever a few days ago and in just 15 minutes of doing this, her fever dropped 1 degree…so I was SOLD that the simple things (that unfortunately we are not advised to try first) may actually work! thanks for your comments!

      • Laura says:

        It is important to remember that a fever is the body’s way of fighting the offending germ. Many germs cannot live outside a certain temperature range. I have discovered our family heals much faster if we let the fever run it’s course ( as long as it does not reach dangerous levels). Yes, you feel miserable for a day or so, but that feeling is supposed to keep you in bed resting. If you reduce the fever artificially and feel better ( for a while), you end up being up and moving around more using energy your body needs to fight the infection. We have been conditioned to think that fever is bad, when it is actually a good thing most of the time.

    • =^..^= says:

      My son has febrile seizures too. At least he did. He hasn’t had one in over a year, after 2 yrs of them. We use motrin (not my favorite), tepid baths, and cloths on the forehead, and b6 and magnesium. The B6 and mag are used daily, not for acute use but maybe they could work acutely.

    • =^..^= says:

      Oh shoot, I forgot to mention we used belladonna on him as well, the homeopathic. I know some people do not believe in homeopathy, and that is their prerogative, but I figure for 5$, it is worth a shot.

      • Baby(food)Steps says:

        thanks for your comments! it is amazing what you find when you actually go looking for the truth!

  5. Lainie says:

    Thank you! I had no idea what acetaminophen did…I just knew it wasn’t good. You’ve opened my eyes.

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  7. We have 3 grand kids and many nieces & nephews. Thanks for the info. I’ve been saying forever the rise in autism HAS to be caused from something simple. The listings of “possible side effects” on all TV/print commercials for meds should make us all take pause and research everything before taking them.

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      Thank you Charlie for your comments…. I almost seems too simple. Here is an amazing graph on page 367 that shows the sharp rise in autism in california right after the Reyes scare when Aspirin was discontinued and Acetaminophen was recommended for children, note also the “dips” when the tylenol/cyanide scares happened

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  15. epiann says:

    Here are two additional papers supporting an acetaminophen-autism link:

    Click to access 1476-069X-12-41.pdf

    Click to access nihms428627.pdf

  16. Gabrielle says:

    Hi guys… my son has a mito condition an a few years back one of his doctors advised us not to use paracetamol we were told it doesn’t break down in his liver as well as it would in someone with out this condition…. we steered clear of it… a few years passed an when we asked a ‘specialist’ in my sons field why exactly it couldn’t be used…. my son is studying an honers degree in G&CB… so he was asking… we were then told… its quite alright to use this med… ???? yup… until this article we were so confused… this has just re enforced our understanding and answered the question so simply that we asked …..THANK YOU from one grateful mum… 🙂

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