Merry Christmas 2011

Santa SoapIt’s Christmas time!
Time for baby{food}steps yearly concoction!
This year I tried my hand at making my own liquid soap.

After nearly 2 years of buying

the Whole Foods un-scented soap for my daughter

I decided to try to refill my bottles!

Here is the recipe I came up with:

1- reusable foam soap bottle

2-4 oz.  Dr. Bonner olive oil base soap which can be found in HEB (more info here)

fill to the top with water

5 to 10 drops of essential oils your choice (my favorites at this time of year are peppermint and cinnamon)

For a little extra holiday embellishment to your container you can use red duct tape and I cut out black vinyl buckles using my Cricut and rhinestone embellishments (some pinterest inspiration from here)

And Viola!

 Santa Soap

If you do not have or cannot find a foaming soap container you can purchase them online at this website.

What I love about this soap is it has an olive oil base with no additives and no neurotoxic added fragrances just au natural and all pure ingredients! My hands are feeling silk smooth too, due to the extra moisturizing from the olive oil, I believe, a big plus since normally at this time of year my hands are bleeding and cracked because they are so dry and chapped!

Merry Christmas! Here is to better Health and a few more babyfoodsteps toward it in 2012!

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