A few Baby(food)Step Holiday Favorites

It’s the holiday season… so why not spoil yourself just a little bit and make your babyfoodstep journey a little bit easier with a few of these gadgets in your (or your kids) stocking:

egg shapers

1. Egg shapers– ok so this actually adds one more step to boiling an egg… but in the “getting my kid to eat healthier” category, this one goes a long way for mommy points! What egg doesn’t taste better in the shape of a bear, star or bunny!

2. Apple (or in Lady A’s case…Pear) corer and cutter– wash the fruit and put it under this device and viola you have enough evenly cut pieces to share between the siblings! makes peeling a breeze too, since each slice is thin enough for one swipe of a paring knife!

3. Misto– have you ever read the ingredient list on the back of your favorite cooking spray? with additives such a propellant and soy lecithin … greasing your cookie sheet may be hazardous to your health. But fill this handy dandy bottle with your favorite healthy oil (olive, sunflower, safflower,etc.) and give it a few pumps and you have an additive free slippery surface on which to cook more nourishing food!

4. Vertical roaster (yes it says beer can…but we don’t use one of those!)- one of the best ways we have cut our costs on buying organic groceries over the last year has been to purchase WHOLE free range organic chickens (can go as low as $1.99/lb). This little rack makes cooking them a breeze and rivals the grocery store rotisserie version for almost the same price.

Planet Box5. Planet box- ok so this really isn’t a kitchen gadget but this box makes packing lunch each morning a breeze not to mention fun!! Plus my kiddos love eating out of it which leads to many many more clean plate clubs than we ever had when we used sandwich bags!! great for the earth too… stainless steel and no waste!



Merry Christmas from Baby(food)Steps!


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One Response to A few Baby(food)Step Holiday Favorites

  1. Donna says:

    Love it! Just added the oil spray thin
    g to my list for James! !! Already bought and apple slicer after I was at your house last time!!!!

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