Mommy Book Report- What’s Eating Your Child? Virtual Book Club


what's eating your child by kelly dorfman

Kelly Dorfman’s “What’s Eating Your Child?” was by far one of the BEST books I have ever read on the topic of nutrition, health and your child’s well being and probably one I will pass along to many a “new mommy” in years to come! This book should be distributed at the hospital with the instructions on how to know the warning signs of post partum depression  and how to take care of the baby’s umbilical cord … because it contains some of the most basic information that we are never taught as parents…HOW TO FEED our Children, CORRECTLY… and what do do when things go awry.

On Sept 18-24, 2011 I held and online book club with 20-30 moms who answered 10 questions on the babyfoodsteps facebook page. Here is a recap of the questions and answers, please feel free to add your comments (even if you are reading this months or years after the discussion ended!)

Question #1- What was your first impression of the book? Click HERE

Question #2- Do you think eating organic food is important? Has reading this book altered or strengthened your views on this subject?  Click HERE

Question #3- Which Case Study could you identify with Most, for your child or a friend’s child or perhaps a relative? Click HERE

Question #4 “Body Behave Badly” – What did you know about Gluten before reading this book? What was the most shocking thing you learned? (ie. The girl whose Tummy Always Hurt) Click HERE

Question #5 “Moods”- Do you know someone who has a “mental illness”? If so, how has your view changed of them and their illness since reading this book. (ie the Bipolar Child who Wasn’t) Do you believe food and nutrition can be at the root of “illness”(bodily or mental)?  Click HERE

Question #6- What is the difference between a food allergy and sensitivity? Why is understanding the difference important? Click HERE

Question #7 Behavior and learning Why do you think there are so many kids with learning problems (autism, ADHD, apraxia, etc)? How do you look at the so-called “common” ear infection differently, after reading this book?  Click HERE

Question #8 Do you have the kind of relationship with your child’s doctor(s) that you can talk about nutrition or your observations about your child’s health? If not, how can you use this book to be a better advocate with your health professionals? Click HERE

Question #9 Did anything in the book apply to you as an adult? Click HERE


Question #10 What is ONE thing that you will take away from this book and implement for your child (or your family)? Click HERE

There was also some great discussions and information sharing on the event page as well- to check it out you can click HERE.


If you have a child with ANY sort of learning, growth, emotional or physical problem… I highly recommend you read this book and investigate how nutrition (and nutrition deficiencies) can possibly be playing a larger role in the issue than you may have once thought!





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