Merry Christmas 2010

What a difference a year makes! Last Christmas I was on an elimination diet for breastfeeding and trying frantically to figure out what was wrong with my baby girl. This year as I look back on all the many changes we have made, for her and for our family, and I find peace in feeling like we are closer to solving the mystery of her little system but also in knowing that, no matter what,these baby steps have been in the right direction. Her smiles today spoke volumes even if her voice can’t yet!

so my gift to all of you…
mom tested…. mother earth approved!

for those of you who are local… I have a bottle with your name on it! For those who are in a state or two away- here is the recipe ( sorry, the post office asks toomany questions when you try to ship liquids!)

1 spray bottle ( walmart or dollar store)
12 oz white vinegar ( costco or SAMs inbulk)
fill rest of the bottle with water
5-8 drops essential oils ( Not extracts!! found at HEB and whole foods. natural beauty section)

Viola! a cleaning spray that can be used for just about anything…. windows, countertops, bathrooms, appliances… just add some baking soda for the tougher scrubbing jobs!

(Harmful) chemical FREE cleaning! you won’t poison yourself or your family in the process! 🙂 Coming from a mommy chemist who’s eyes have been opened in 2010 to looking at the world through the health of her children…. Merry Christmas! May 2011 bring us all a few babysteps closer to health and happiness!

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