Mommy Book Report- Allergic to the Twentieth Century

I am behind on my homework! I have read 4 books that I have not reported on..but those will have to wait, because I just finished this one and found it VERY interesting! Since the moment we figured out that Lady A was reacting to products containing ALCOHOL, I have been very perplexed as to what the link may be for ALL the sensitivities her body is experiencing (breast milk, food, formula, and now a ubiquitous chemical).  In doing some internet and library research I came across a term for chemical sensitivities called- MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome) and stumbled upon this book by Peter Radetsky, which is all about this topic.

What I enjoyed most about the book was that Peter investigated both sides of the story: those who believed MCS and its symptoms were REAL and those nay-sayers who believed it is a fictitious disease which manifests itself in people’s heads. Peter also spends a considerable amount of time interviewing and quoting experts on both sides of the coin, as well as telling the stories of individuals who are VERY VERY sick from chemical exposures. He also goes on to provide compelling information which links “Gulf War Syndrome” to MCS by showing its similarity in symptomatology.  I enjoyed reading about the research work of Dr. Claudia Miller at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio and have requested her book to read next.

Allergic to the Twentieth Century had lots of TEXAS ties… and I also learned about Wimberly, Texas being a safe-haven retreat for a number of individuals suffering with MCS. Who would have ever guessed this little small town in Texas would be so amiable to this condition!

In light of the research and my own personal experiences including those of my daughter, I feel strongly that the condition MCS does exist beyond merely a psychological disorder…with very real physical symptoms. I have no idea at this time, if MCS is causing all my daughter’s discomfort and pain, but I have an inkling that it may be contributing to the sum of the whole.


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2 Responses to Mommy Book Report- Allergic to the Twentieth Century

  1. Courtney H says:

    Such an interesting topic…I find myself compelled to read this book after your report. So happy for you that your babysteps are bringing you closer to some sort of answers!

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