(Mommy) Book Report- In Defense of Food


Ok… I have been a bit delinquent on the blog posts lately…don’t worry, we are still making baby (food) steps toward progress and change in our house, but I have also been doing ALOT of research lately..which includes ALOT of reading! So for the next few posts, I will share with you what I have learned from the 5+ books I have read over the past 4 weeks…here goes..

This one, I actually did not “read” but instead listened to (on CD) as I mad my way to Corpus Christi to visit a dear friends with the kiddos along for the ride! What an eye opener this book was. Many of the points Pollen made I had heard or read elsewhere, but it was the HISTORY he gave of why we ate what we ate and the “under the magnifying glass” inspection he gave of the scientific process, scientific studies, nutritionist, and the food industry and government itself, that made me stop and take notice and THINK! Think not only about me and my own family and why we were eating what we ate, but I thought a lot about my childhood and what I ate growing up and what my parents ate and what their parents ate….shockingly each generation has been eating less and less “food” and more  and more “food-like substances” as Pollan describes it!

I was first introduced to Dr. Weston A. Price, through Pollan’s  book , which has led me to do more research on his observations and discoveries which were well ahead of his time!

The other tidbit of food information (among the may 1000’s in this book) that stood out to me was the history lesson on refined flours and why we eat them today! Once a food for the high-class who preferred the white grain as opposed to the greyish form (which became rancid faster due to its additional nutrients which came from the minimal processing of it). Basically it all comes down to industrialization and convenience, bleached flour means longer shelf life but longer shelf life pays the price for less nutrients (since many of the vital nutrients hae been stripped so it will not decay as fast)… so what results is a stripped product which is then injected (fortified), post- processing with the very nutrients which it was stripped of… and this discovery of the need to “fortify” (with things like folic acid, and such) was made after there was a resurgence of childhood diseases which were cased by malnutrition, which were once thought to be obsolete due to better nutritional standards…ironic, huh!

overall, I really enjoyed this book  , and it was especially eye-opening from the perspective of a chemist (in my former life!) as Pollan attempted to show HOW difficult proving that a single nutrient is the cause (or not the cause of a disease state)…as a scientist I can appreciate the challenge!

Here is a great seminar on You Tube that Pollan gave that provides a nice summary of his points in the book.

Another GREAT intervew with Pollan on Bill Moyers (We just Love PBS!) 🙂 Part 1 and Part 2

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3 Responses to (Mommy) Book Report- In Defense of Food

  1. Tara says:

    I need to get reading and baking some of our own bread, too!

  2. Shannon says:

    Looking at their website was really very interesting. It sort of reminded me about this dvd that my daughter got me to watch…she saw it in class at school. It was a huge eye opener for sure….about where our food comes from and what is done to it. The dvd is called “Food Inc”.

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