(Mommy)Book Report- Unhealthy Truth

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I am not an avid book reader, just like I am not a cook! But sometimes circumstances breed necessity! So lately I have been reading a lot…internet, books, scientific journal articles and even watching some documentaries. One book I read, shortly after embarking on our family’s baby(food)steps journey was “Unhealthy Truth-why the foods we are eating are making us sick and what we can do about it ” by Robyn O’Brien.

To learn more about the books we are reading about children’s health and to help your own child on their path to health and wellness, join us at www.EmpoweredAdvocacy.com

allergy journey baby  allergic reaction eggs   food manufacturers  food regulators food safety officials share  compromising the health and safety of our children (SOY, MILK, COWS (Beef)  Monsanto 80/20 rule in moderation.  “allergy” to food anaphylactic eating clean(er) 


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