(Mommy)Book Report- Unhealthy Truth

I am not an avid book reader, just like I am not a cook! But sometimes circumstances breed necessity! So lately I have been reading a lot…internet, books, scientific journal articles and even watching some documentaries. One book I read, shortly after embarking on our family’s baby(food)steps journey was “Unhealthy Truth-why the foods we are eating are making us sick and what we can do about it ” by Robyn O’Brien.
This book is written by a mom (who ironically grew up in Houston). She has 4 children and the book begins her allergy journey when her baby has an allergic reaction to eggs. Over the course of the book she researches not only allergies but the foods which cause many of those allergies and uncovers some shocking revelations about the close ties that food manufacturers , food regulators and food safety officials share, which may be compromising the health and safety of our children (and ourselves). She talks alot about SOY, MILK, COWS (Beef) and Monsanto…and though they are not the only guilty party she uncovers, she does make them out to be the biggest offenders! Though I was shock to read some of the thethings I did, Robyn does a great job supporting her claims with a detailed bibliography siting documents, websites, and science journals.

I especially liked her last chapter or two where she gave her practical advice “mom to mom” style and shared her own baby steps that she took in her house to convert to a healthier lifestyle for her family. Also I commend her 80/20 rule, where she realizes that you may have to nearly live in a bubble to be able to keep your kids away from the “bad foods” all the time. Their family allows for the occasional dinner out or school lunch versus packed lunch, but all of it is done in moderation. What I absolutely applaud in Robyn as a mom and writer is her drive and determination to help her kids…cause really isn’t that what all of us Mama Bears are trying to do anyway. She discovers by the end of the book that all 4 of her kids have some type of “allergy” to food whether it is anaphylactic or not, and she does her best to keep those away form them so they can feel their best! Way to go momma! And thanks for the motivation and information to continue my quest in to eating clean(er) with my family!


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