Baby Step #2 Crying Over Spilt (Almond) Milk

So this week has been a little nutty (excuse the pun!) I have been reading quite a bit about cow’s Milk lately. Ever since giving it to Baby A a month ago (per our GI’s recommendation) and seeing a reaction (GI related-stools, bloating, cramping) and a behavioral/pain reaction as well (fierce, long-lasting tantrums), I really started to question how many other kids may have similar sensitivities. After giving her about 2oz of cow’s milk a day her reaction got increasingly worse over 5 days until I stopped giving it to her, and then she slowly got better (taking almost 3 weeks to be back to somewhat normal). She had been drinking rice milk and so we went back to that and eventually weaned her from nursing to rice milk (right around 15mo old). Per the advice of another doctor we saw last week (that focuses on nutrition and diet) this weeks BABY STEP- was getting her to drink Almond Milk which is higher in fats & protein and lower in sugar than rice milk. We found the Brand Almond Dream to not contain any SOY (which we are still avoiding for her). The brand Silk Prue Almond seems to be working for her too. The brand Almond Breeze is NOT ACCEPTABLE for Baby A, because it contains soy lecithin.

With Almond milk costing about $2.90-$3.50 per half-gallon, you can understand why I was CRYING over Spilt Milk this morning…not one cup but 2 sippy cups catapulted from the booster seat tray to their death! Ugh…oh well, back to the store for some more!

Big Boy B and Daddy-O really like Cow’s Milk, and though Mommy has a severe distaste for it since childhood, an would really prefer to go milk free in our house – the boys like their milk so our other baby step this week was to change to rBGH FREE milk. Basically (in a nutshell!) is that cows are given this growth hormone to increase milk production but traces of this hormone can be found in the milk, as well as reports that this rBGH makes the cows sick, causing increased atibiotic use which can also make its way into the milk. This stuff is not cheap, I was expecting $6/gal, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it for $ 4.94/gallon at Walmart for Borden brand.



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