It all started…

last January (’09) when our family was blessed with the birth of our little girl, Baby A, as we like to call her around here. From her second week of life she began crying …and crying…they called it colic, then reflux, tried meds which didn’t help, then called it milk allergy, then perscribed a nursing elimination diet for mommy, then an elimination diet for Baby A, then more tests, then “no allergies found”, then more tests and an endoscopy, then “nothing is wrong”…then feed her ANYTHING she wants…then GIVE HER COW’S MILK…then my baby A turned into a different little girl before my eyes, we stopped the MILK and she has “returned” nearly 3-4 weeks later. And that is where THIS story begins…Mommy’s GUT knows that her baby’s GUT cannot tolerate SOY or MILK…and in an effort to feed her Baby A, she has now realized that so much of the free and clean diet that she is giving to her little gal would really not be a bad idea for the rest of the family to eat. So off we go on this adventure… Baby(food)Steps…to re-vamp our over-processed lives and convert to a healthier way of life for Baby A’s well-being and for our family’s long-term health! We hope you will join us for this culinary adventure…maybe making a few of your own changes along the way?

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One Response to It all started…

  1. Kathy Ricke says:

    I got goosebumps as I read your post. With you on the “healthy foods” bandwagon, processed foods don’t stand a chance!

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